Galaxy S8

Skinja Skins /// Super Thin Designer protection for your Galaxy S8

Oak Wood
Zebra Wood
Black Carbon
Red Carbon
White Carbon
Blue Carbon
Black and Blue
Hex Titanium
Matte Black
Onyx Steel

Become One in a Million

With our Skins You Get a Look that is One in a Million

Get Noticed 

Want to Stand out? /// Skinja Skins are a Super Power for Attention

No Compromises

Enhanced Look  // Enhanced Protection // No Case Bulk


"I hate most iPhone cases because they make the phone feel super fat. If you're like me, then you should check out Skinja!! They sell some really cool skins like the one I have in this photo. Plus they protect your phone from scratches" - Byran Mirando

What's Included:

Each Kit comes with Skins to cover the Front/Back/Side of your phone.

I know, Awesome.


Each Skin is cut perfectly to fit your phone with millimeter precision thanks to our Katana blades and Lasers, Pew Pew 





1  Clean Device




2  Align Skinja with device and slowly lay it down in to position. If it isn't laid down perfectly, no worries! Just lift it off and re apply.


3  For best results use a blow dryer for 5 seconds on all corners and curves of device. This will make the film pliable and easier to adhere to curves and corners.



4  If there are any air bubbles, use a card as a squeegee to slowly press them out. The bubbles will escape with ease thanks to our Air Escape™ film.




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